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def ExternalEditor::ExternalEditor::ExternalEditor::index_html (   self,
  path = None 

Publish the object to the external editor helper app

Definition at line 101 of file ExternalEditor.py.

00101                                                       :
        """Publish the object to the external editor helper app"""

        security = getSecurityManager()
        if path is None:
            parent = self.aq_parent
                ob = parent[REQUEST['target']] # Try getitem
            except KeyError:
                ob = getattr(parent, REQUEST['target']) # Try getattr
            except AttributeError:
                # Handle objects that are methods in ZClasses
                ob = parent.propertysheets.methods[REQUEST['target']]
            ob = self.restrictedTraverse( path )

        r = []
        r.append('url:%s' % ob.absolute_url())
        r.append('meta_type:%s' % ob.meta_type)

        title = getattr(Acquisition.aq_base(ob), 'title', None)
        if title is not None:
            if callable(title):
                title = title()
            if isinstance(title, types.UnicodeType):
                title = unicode.encode(title, 'utf-8')
            r.append('title:%s' % title)

        if hasattr(Acquisition.aq_base(ob), 'content_type'):
            if callable(ob.content_type):
                r.append('content_type:%s' % ob.content_type())
                r.append('content_type:%s' % ob.content_type)

        if REQUEST._auth:
            if REQUEST._auth[-1] == '\n':
                auth = REQUEST._auth[:-1]
                auth = REQUEST._auth

            r.append('auth:%s' % auth)

        r.append('cookie:%s' % REQUEST.environ.get('HTTP_COOKIE',''))

        if wl_isLocked(ob):
            # Object is locked, send down the lock token
            # owned by this user (if any)
            user_id = security.getUser().getId()
            for lock in ob.wl_lockValues():
                if not lock.isValid():
                    continue # Skip invalid/expired locks
                creator = lock.getCreator()
                if creator and creator[1] == user_id:
                    # Found a lock for this user, so send it
                    r.append('lock-token:%s' % lock.getLockToken())
                    if REQUEST.get('borrow_lock'):

        # Apply any extra callbacks that might have been registered.
        applyCallbacks(ob, r, REQUEST, RESPONSE)

        # Finish metadata with an empty line.
        metadata = join(r, '\n')
        metadata_len = len(metadata)

        # Using RESPONSE.setHeader('Pragma', 'no-cache') would be better, but
        # this chokes crappy most MSIE versions when downloads happen on SSL.
        # cf. http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q316/4/31.asp
        RESPONSE.setHeader('Last-Modified', rfc1123_date())
        RESPONSE.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-zope-edit')

        # Check if we should send the file's data down the response.
        if REQUEST.get('skip_data'):
            # We've been requested to send only the metadata. The
            # client will presumably fetch the data itself.
            self._write_metadata(RESPONSE, metadata, metadata_len)
            return ''

        ob_data = getattr(Acquisition.aq_base(ob), 'data', None)
        if (ob_data is not None and isinstance(ob_data, Image.Pdata)):
            # We have a File instance with chunked data, lets stream it
            RESPONSE.setHeader('Content-Length', ob.get_size())
            body = PDataStreamIterator(ob.data)
        elif hasattr(ob, 'manage_FTPget'):
                body = ob.manage_FTPget()
            except TypeError: # some need the R/R pair!
                body = ob.manage_FTPget(REQUEST, RESPONSE)
        elif hasattr(ob, 'EditableBody'):
            body = ob.EditableBody()
        elif hasattr(ob, 'document_src'):
            body = ob.document_src(REQUEST, RESPONSE)
        elif hasattr(ob, 'read'):
            body = ob.read()
            # can't read it!
            raise 'BadRequest', 'Object does not support external editing'

        if (IStreamIterator is not None and
            # We need to manage our content-length because we're streaming.
            # The content-length should have been set in the response by
            # the method that returns the iterator, but we need to fix it up
            # here because we insert metadata before the body.
            clen = RESPONSE.headers.get('content-length', None)
            assert clen is not None
            self._write_metadata(RESPONSE, metadata, metadata_len + int(clen))
            for data in body:
            return ''

        # If we reached this point, body *must* be a string.
        return join((metadata, body), '\n')

    def _write_metadata(self, RESPONSE, metadata, length):

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