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Zope External Editor
The Zope External Editor is a new way to integrate Zope more seamlessly with
client-side tools. It has the following features:
- Edit objects locally, directly from the ZMI.
- Works with any graphical editor application that can open a file from the
command line, including: emacs, gvim, xemacs, nedit, gimp, etc.
- Automatically saves changes back to Zope without ending the editing
- Associate any client-side editor application with any Zope object by
meta-type or content-type. Both text and binary object content can be
- Locks objects while they are being edited. Automatically unlocks them when
the editing session ends.
- Can add file extensions automatically to improve syntax highlighting or
file type detection.
- Works with basic auth, cookie auth and Zope versions. Credentials are
automatically passed down to the helper application. No need to
- https support (Openssl required)
This package contains the product which is needed on the machine
running the Zope server.
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