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def ExternalEditor::Plugins::winword::EditorProcess::isAlive (   self )
Returns true if the editor process is still alive

Definition at line 50 of file winword.py.

00050                      :
        """Returns true if the editor process is still alive"""
        except pythoncom.com_error, why:
            # COM will reject the call to access the doc if the user is
            # doing anything interactive at the time the call is made.  The
            # symptom is a COM error numbered -2147418111 named "Call rejected
            # by callee".  This is most critically seen when the user has
            # modified the document but chooses "exit" without first saving.
            # Without this check in place, the document is not saved back to
            # Zope, but no error is raised.
            if why[0] == -2147418111:
                return 1
            return 0
            return 1

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